Top French Cameroun figure says Yaounde bears blame for the killing of the Mayor of Mamfe 0

Dieudonné Essomba, a senior French Cameroun economist and consultant for Vision4 TV, has reacted to the recent murder of the Mayor of Mamfe, Ashu Prinsley Ojong, last Saturday by armed Ambazonia Restoration Forces. The former cadre at the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Land Management accused the Biya regime of helping the Ambazonian Interim Government to achieve its goal of an independent state for West Cameroonians.

They denied the existence of an English-speaking problem in Cameroon and they still think they can force these people into accepting their so-called unitary state alternative for a way out of the crisis” he observed.

The Ambaboys are convinced that they’re fighting a war of liberation which will be bloody, they’ve internationalized it and we’ve known it since the days as recorded in the Bible’s Maccabees, people convinced to liberate their country from colonization never give in,” Essomba warned.

He also revealed that the Southern Cameroons war, which has already lasted four years, is not about to fade as long as the power in Yaoundé does not agree to make concessions.

The Anglophone Secession issue has been around for  40-years, a new generation has taken over the struggle and things will only move from bad to worse” he concluded.

By Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap in Glasgow with files from CIN