Traditional rulers meeting with Minister Atanga Nji: Treacherous stab in the back of Ambazonian people 0

The Vice President of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government Dabney Yerima has censured the recent meeting between French Cameroun Minister of Territorial of Administration Paul Atanga Nji and some Southern Cameroons traditional rulers describing the meeting as a treacherous stab in the back of the Ambazonian nation.

Cat calls greeted the said meeting with thousands of Southern Cameroonians around the world stating that all the Fons and Chiefs who took part in the forum be dethroned.

“They have betrayed their people and are all considered traitors to the people of Southern Cameroons and the revolution.  It is a treacherous stab in the back of the Ambazonian people” Vice President Yerima said in conversation with Cameroon Concord News Group Germany Bureau Chief late on Friday.

Vice President Dabney Yerima pointed out that some illusions pushed the Southern Cameroons traditional leaders to seek the meeting with the Biya French Cameroun regime.

The first illusion the Ambazonian exiled leader said is that the Fons and the Chiefs think the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is in a state of defeat, and they are viewing Biya and French Cameroun as victorious. “The reality however is that the Ambazonian nation has not been defeated and the Southern Cameroons people will not stopped their struggle until French Cameroun occupying forces leave their homeland”  Yerima noted.

Vice President Dabney Yerima revealed that the second illusion is that because of the poverty culture, some Southern Cameroons traditional rulers believe their political legitimacy is achieved through support from the Biya Francophone regime, the French Cameroun army, the French Cameroun National Gendarmerie rather than their own people’s backing.

Comrade Yerima concluded that the third illusion that prompted some Southern Cameroons native authorities to attend the Paul Atanga Nji meeting is that they believe that Biya and French Cameroun are seeking peace and coexistence with the people of Southern Cameroons, but the French Cameroun regime is in fact an occupying regime founded on brutality and violence and its only conflict resolution tool is the gun.

By Isong Asu in London