Trump slams media over fake news, calling reporters a ‘stain on America’ 0

US President Donald Trump has once again railed against the media blasting journalists and calling their work “a stain on America” after a string of errors in reporting on his presidency emerged over the past week.

“Very little discussion of all the purposely false and defamatory stories put out this week by the Fake News Media. They are out of control — correct reporting means nothing to them. Major lies written, then forced to be withdrawn after they are exposed…a stain on America!” Trump tweeted Sunday.

The tweet came after some journalists made several reporting errors causing them to become targets of Trump and conservative media and commentators.

The errors by CNN and ABC have been widely covered in the media, including on CNN, which featured a Sunday segment on mistakes in journalism.

Trump referred to ABC News’s Brian Ross as a “fraudster” on Friday, a week after he reported that the president had directed his former national security adviser Michael Flynn to make contact with Russian officials during the campaign.

ABC later corrected the report to say the president directed Flynn to contact Russia “after” he was elected.

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel has also became Trump’s most recent target after the president demanded Saturday that he apologize for tweeting a photo of an empty arena before a Trump rally in Florida that had been taken hours before the event started.

Weigel responded and apologized minutes after Trump tweeted that he had “put out a phony photo of an empty arena hours before I arrived.”

Trump’s comments were his latest attack against the news media for the coverage he receives. During a speech in Phoenix, Arizona, in August, he called journalists “truly dishonest” and “sick people.”

Trump has repeatedly used the term “fake news” to cast doubt on critical media reports about his administration, often without providing any evidence to support his case.

As a candidate, Trump had pursued the same anti-media rhetoric threatening to “open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money.”


Source: Presstv