Trump’s presidency: Going, going, gone 0

The Trump presidency is in a state of meltdown. He has been exposed once again as “an emperor without clothes.” He is losing on all fronts and as a result, is lashing out in all directions. But all of his huffing and puffing is having no effect and his poll numbers keep on sinking as the November elections draw near.

During the last week alone, the Supreme Court which Trump thought he had in his hip pocket, has ruled in favor of his opponents, extending legal protections to LGBT workers and keeping intact the Obama era orders protecting the children of undocumented immigrants.

Trump’s opposition to both initiatives has been the hallmark of his administration. In like manner, his other policies directed against immigrants, the building of a wall along the Mexican border, and his attempt to penalize “sanctuary cities” have been struck down by court rulings. Other Trump policies, such as the dismantling of Obamacare have also been met with defeat.

Trump has also used racist “dog whistles” to pander to his base of mostly white males, alienating Blacks, Hispanics, educated whites, and women in the process. His support for a police force that serves as an occupying force in Black and Hispanic communities has also backfired with mass multiracial protests against police brutality and their murders of Black men sweeping the country.

Besides all that, Trump’s criminal response to the COVID-19 pandemic led to the US having the largest numbers of cases and a skyrocketing death toll that led to the shut-down of the US economy and an economic crisis of unimaginable proportions. He is thus faced with a lose-lose situation, either keep the economy on hold until the pandemic abates, or open up the economy with the prospect of hundreds of thousands more unnecessary deaths.

Both the severity of the pandemic and the economic crisis that has ensued is the result of Trump’s blunders. Trump was more concerned with signing a trade deal with China and keeping the Stock Market at record highs than anything else, as he saw them as tickets to a second term.

But his plans went astray and he now finds his re-election prospects diminishing on a daily basis. Come November the pandemic will not have miraculously disappeared and the economy will not have recovered to any large extent. Thousands will still be dying and millions will still be unemployed.

Given the unprecedented crises that Trump now faces he has only one retort, blame China. The pandemic was not a result of his intransigence, but China’s failure to contain and control it. This is demonstrably false. New research unequivocally shows that the coronavirus was circulating in Italy weeks before it was identified in China and most of the strains of the virus in the US originated in Europe not China. Pinning the blame on China no longer holds water. But that will not deter Trump from continuing to point the finger at his favorite bête noire. Trump can only grouse about China’s supposed perfidy.

The Chinese, on the other hand, can sit back and be amused by Trump’s predicament. They will continue to do what they find necessary, protect their national sovereignty in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang. Tibet and the South China Sea and support their friends in North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and Africa. All the invective and vitriol that the US can muster to try and denigrate China will have no effect.

Given the dismal prospects that Trump is faced with he has reverted to conniption fits and temper tantrums, like the spoiled toddler he is. No one should take what he says seriously. His threat to sever ties with China are just the ravings of a lunatic howling at the moon.

Culled from Presstv