Twenty-seven bodies found after French Cameroun army attack in Menchum 0

Twenty-seven bodies were found in the Menchum County after the French Cameroun army carried out an onslaught in the Ambazonian constituency precisely in the Yemngeh locality some few kilometers from Zhoa sources have confirmed to Cameroon Intelligence Report, adding to concern about abuse by the Francophone security forces in their fight against Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces.

Our correspondent in Wum, the chief town in the Menchum County reported that the 27 bodies were found in two mass graves.  The grim discovery was made after the French Cameroun army said in a statement that it had killed several Southern Cameroon separatist fighters in the area during an operation it carried out on Tuesday night.

Correspondingly, a senior Christian figure in Weh hinted that the first grave had 17 bodies and the second held 10. The regime in Yaounde has always announced an inquiry but regularly denies these accusations of summary executions.

Many innocent Southern Cameroons civilians were reportedly injured during the French Cameroun government attack in the Menchum County and many including women and children have all escaped into the bushes.  The army destroyed the bridge linking Weh to Wum during the attacks and several houses were burnt down.

By Rita Akana in Wum