Two men in court for having sex with a 10-year-old-boy in Yaounde 0

A Yaoundé High Court has heard that a 78 year old man indecently assaulted a 10 year-old boy and had sexual intercourse and conducted acts of homosexuality.  The Mfoundi High Court that held on Wednesday the 24th of May was fed with evidence of this horrendous act by the young victim and dozens of eye witnesses who all revealed that with the help of a 28-year-old accomplice, two men currently incarcerated at the Kondengui prison reportedly sodomized a 10-year-old boy.

 Ruben, 28, and Judas, 78, took seats in the box of the accused at the Mfoundi High Court and were named and shamed as the court was told that on the night of February 8-9, 2016, the 10-year-old victim left the family home to empty a trash with a wheelbarrow that he lost. For fear of reprisals, he found refuge in a hangar of a travel agency located in the Biyem assi neighborhood in Yaoundé. Having seen him at about 11.30 pm, the accused arrested him and charged him with the theft of several gas cylinders and a large sum of money in the agency’s shop.

After going to the residence of the guardian of the victim, they asked the latter to pay the sum of 150 000 FCFA. They succeeded in collecting 70,000 FCFA.  By some strange happenstance, the two men after receiving the money turned back and force the child to have anal sexual intercourse with them. At around 5 am, the child’s constant screaming alerted residents and passers-by who drew the attention of the police.

According to the version of the victim gathered in a gendarmerie report, it was the old man who took off the young boy’s underpants and asked him to kneel down. They brutalized and sodomized him. Ruben and Judas meanwhile have pleaded not guilty and each in turn refuted these accusations. For his part, the public prosecutor said he was convinced of the guilt of the two men because of the clarity of the narrative of the alleged victim. The verdict of this case is expected on the 13th of June.

By Rita Akana

Cameroon Concord News