UK: Boris Johnson is now a weakened leader and with an uncertain future 0

The moment of truth for the embattled British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson at the end of a day rife with speculation about his political survival.

It’s a result that means Boris Johnson is now a weakened leader and with an uncertain future, although he himself doesn’t think so. But it’s exactly the stuff that matters to people that forced members of his own conservative party to call for a no-confidence vote: lock-down breaching parties held at government buildings at the height of Coronavirus pandemic when families were banned from visiting even dying relatives.

The sticky Partygate scandal played a major role in conservative MPs challenging Johnson’s position, but it was not the only reason.

Things came to a boiling point over the weekend when the prime minister was booed at an event celebrating the Queens 70-year-rule.

And prior to Monday’s vote, allegations of intimidation and arm-twisting by number 10 trying to get conservative MPs to change their minds, and a last ditch effort by the Boris Johnson himself writing to MPs begging for a second chance.

Boris Johnson has survived the confidence vote. But the considerable number of votes against him can pose a serious challenge to his premiership. That’s why some experts say he won’t be able to hold on to power for much longer.