UK diplomat says UN Security Council taking interest in the Southern Cameroons Crisis 0

The United Nations Security Council is keeping an eye and taking strong interest in the ongoing crisis in Southern Cameroons, according to the United Kingdom Ambassador and permanent representative, Karen Pierce.

According to the United Nations, the crisis has led to over 160 thousand persons internally displaced and over thirty thousand who have crossed to Nigeria as a result of the conflict have been officially registered as refugees.

The African Union like the United Nations has been criticised for not stepping in to solve the crisis but the British Ambassador to the UN says that could soon change.

“I spoke to a delegation of Cameroon Ministers at the UN on July 11. I made clear we were watching the situation closely,” Karen Pierce tweeted.

“We wanted to see more dialogue, less violence and no disproportionate military action. Although the issue has not yet come to the UNSC, there is lots of interest in New York,” she said.

The Government of Cameroon has since moved to announce a dubious so-called Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan to assist persons affected by the crisis especially the internally displaced. However, the fate of the refugees in Nigeria is still not clear.

Reported by Journal du Cameroun