UK: Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson refusing to hand over taxpayer funded mansion 0

Members of Parliament in Britain say former foreign secretary Boris Johnson should be evicted for from a tax-payer funded mansion belonging to the UK Foreign Office, saying he is making profit by renting out his own property.

Labor Party MP Stephen Doughty said Saturday that it was the duty of Prime Minister Theresa May’s government to make Johnson leave the multi-million pound mansion known as the Carlton Gardens

“It’s high time the Government take back control of this property from this failed former Foreign Secretary,” said Doughty, adding, “It is extraordinary that Boris is still living it up in a grace-and-favor residence while profiting from renting out his own property.”

Johnson is believed to be netting thousands of pounds renting out his own house in London.

Doughty said it was the time for Johnson to “pack his bags and move on” and “If not, maybe we need to order a big red bus to evict him.”

The Foreign Office has leased Number 1 Carlton Gardens from the Crown Estate for a rent said to be 482,341 pounds a year in 2015. That means that Johnson has wasted around 13,000 pounds of the taxpayer money by staying in the property since he quit as foreign minister earlier this month.

A controversial figure known for his colorful language, Johnson once described his salary of 250,000 pounds as a chicken feed. He is expected to receive another 17,000 pounds as a payoff at the end of his career as foreign minister.

Johnson resigned from the cabinet after May announced his white paper for the final phases of Britain’s negotiations for leaving the European Union.

Johnson and David Davis, the former Brexit minister, said May’s plans for leaving the EU was a blow to public aspirations for a genuine Brexit and could make Britain a future colony of the EU.

Source: Presstv