UK PM urges Trump to step forward with Mideast peace plan 0

British Prime Minister Theresa May has urged US President Donald Trump to bring forward proposals on achieving peace in the Middle East after he recognized Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital.

“They discussed the different positions we took on the recognition of Jerusalem [al-Quds] as the Israeli capital, and agreed on the importance of the US bringing forward new proposals for peace and the international community supporting these efforts,” a spokesman for May said on Tuesday.

The conversation came for the first time since November when Trump re-tweeted three anti-Muslim videos posted by a British far-right political organization.

May’s spokesman responded to Trump then saying “it is wrong” for the president to re-tweet the inflammatory videos.

Despite this, the British government sought to play down an extraordinary row with Trump. May’s spokesman emphasized that the US was “our closest, most trusted ally. We continue to work together on a huge range of very important issues.”

On December 6, Trump made the controversial announcement in a speech at the White House, saying his administration would also begin the process of moving the American embassy in Tel Aviv to the holy city, which is expected to take years.

His decision provoked mass protests worldwide, with many leaders of Islamic countries harshly denouncing the US president.

In response the prime minister joined a global outcry, saying the decision was “unhelpful” and she intends to speak to Trump about it.

“We continue to support a two-state solution. We recognize the importance of Jerusalem [al-Quds] and our position on that has not changed,” she said then.

Trump had vowed during his presidential campaign that he would relocate the US embassy in order to court pro-Israel voters.

Pope Francis joined a list of leaders warning of an historic misstep, saying new tension would further inflame world conflicts.


Source: Presstv