UK: Prime Minister May faces Tory grassroots action to step down 0

The grassroots members of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party are planning to campaign against Prime Minster Theresa May and force her to step down amid a failure to deliver on results of a 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union.

Reports in the British media, including one in the Guardian newspaper on Wednesday, said that grassroots Conservative activists will try to press May to stand down as prime minister because of her failure on Brexit which they said has badly damaged the Tory party’s reputation.

The activists will force an extraordinary general meeting of the National Conservative Convention (NCC) where party members could hold a vote of no-confidence in May.

The NCC would be obliged to hold one such conference if more than 65 Tory association chairs called for one, according to the Telegraph, which also said that Conservatives’ London East area chairman, Dinah Glover, who has initiated the move, had said she was certain the signatures would reach the required threshold.

PressTV-UK Labour, anti-EU parties surge amid Brexit frustration

The action comes amid widespread calls within the ranks of the Tories demanding May to step down after she failed to bring Britain out of the EU as required by the law on March 29. May’s critics believe the failure has caused approval ratings for the Conservatives to fall to record lows and allowed the opposition Labour Party and anti-EU groups surge in the polls.

May, whose draft Brexit deal with the EU has been rejected in the parliament for three times, managed to secure a second delay to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU in a summit of bloc leaders last week. The country has now until the end of October to leave the EU while it is obliged to hold European Parliament elections in May if it fails to ratify the Brexit deal before those votes.

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