UK votes in general election that could determine future of Brexit 0

More than 45 million Britons are voting Thursday in a snap pre-Christmas general election that will be key to determining the future of Brexit amid political deadlock and bitter divisions over the country’s European Union membership. 

A win for Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative party would likely make a January 31 Brexit deadline a reality.

A win for the opposition, however, could mean another referendum under a new prime minister, Jeremy Corbyn.

Johnson, who has said the result is on a “knife edge”, was the first party leader to vote in person, arriving at a central London polling station with his Jack Russell dog, Dilyn. People bringing their dogs with them to vote quickly emerged as a trend, giving rise to the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations.

Corbyn, who has had to brush off criticism for his neutral stance on Brexit and claims of anti-Semitism within his Labour party, flashed a thumbs-up sign before casting his own ballot in north London.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party both voted soon afterwards in Glasgow.

The polls will remain open until 10pm local time (GMT).

Source: France 24