UN, EU ignoring genocide in Southern Cameroons 0

The European Union and the United Nation’s deliberate silence on the ongoing genocide in Southern Cameroons and ethnic cleansing of Ambazonian tribes are tarnishing the UN’s credibility. A senior traditional ruler from the Manyu County recently told Cameroon Concord News that genocide and ethnic cleansing were taking place in Southern Cameroons and such crimes were being ignored by the international community including the so-called African Union.  The Manyu custodian who sued for anonymity also pointed out that South West CPDM elites should also be held accountable for the crimes committed by French Cameroun soldiers.

Another traditional authority from the Kupe Muanenguba County contacted by our correspondent in Tombel observed that “There is really no legitimacy left for the African Union and the UN if such massacre in Southern Cameroons would be allowed to continue after all these years and nothing would be done about it.”

The 85 year President Paul Biya declared war against the people of Southern Cameroons that has left some 2000 Southern Cameroonians dead and displaced around 200,000 people since late 2016. Some 50.000 of those displaced have crossed the border into neighboring Nigeria.

Years of resentment at perceived discrimination at the hands of the Cameroon’s francophone majority have led to almost daily acts of violence and retribution. Security in the newly created Federal Republic of Ambazonia has deteriorated significantly since late last year and now clashes with Ambazonian Restoration Forces are almost daily occurrences.

The Biya Francophone government sources say a total of 109 members of the police and security forces have been killed. The conflict now poses problems for the organization of a counterfeit presidential election, scheduled for October 7, in which the 85-year-old incumbent, Paul Biya, is bidding for a seventh consecutive term.

At the time of filing this report, we gathered that the Red Dragons of Lebialem have broken into the D.O’s office at Alou and taken all the ballot boxes, papers and cards.

By Sama Ernest in Kumba with additional report from Chi Prudence Asong