UN Security Council inspectors in Yaounde 0

UN Security Council inspectors are currently visiting countries in the Lake Chad Basin combating the Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram since 2013. The delegation comprising 15 members arrived Cameroon on Thursday for a working visit. A statement signed by Minister Adoum Gargoum, in charge of relations with the Islamic world said that the UN mission to Cameroon has gotten the high approval of President Paul Biya. The delegation is conducting a field mission for the first time in the Lake Chad Basin.

Cameroon Concord News understands the mission will continue in all the countries of the Lake Chad Basin and ends on March 7th. The countries of the Lake Chad Basin Commission including Benin set up the Joint Multinational Force to confront Boko Haram. With approximately 10,000 troops, the Joint Multinational Force has contributed greatly to militarily weakening Boko Haram, which paid allegiance to the Organization of the Islamic State and is now called, Province of the Islamic State in Africa.

By Sama Ernest