UN treacherous condemnation of violence won’t affect Ambazonia Restoration Forces 0

Southern Cameroons Secretary of the Economy, Tabenyang Brado says the treacherous condemnation of French Cameroun orchestrated violence in Southern Cameroons by the UN spokesperson; Stéphane Dujarric will not affect the Ambazonia battle for independence.

The United Nations stated its position during its daily news briefing in New York on Friday in which the world body observed that “On Cameroon, we have seen recent reports of serious human rights violations and abuses in that country.

“These include a shocking video allegedly showing the brutal murder of a young woman in Muyuka in the South-West.

“We strongly and unequivocally condemn this atrocious act of violence.

“We call on the authorities to swiftly launch an investigation into these allegations and to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice,’’ Dujarric said.  

The senior Southern Cameroons exiled leader made the remarks on Saturday, deploring the UN’s statement on the genocidal campaign going on in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia as worrying.

The Stéphane Dujarric’s pronouncement has already drawn condemnation from various Southern Cameroons groups as well as the Ambazonian diaspora from across the planet.

Secretary Tabenyang Brado noted that Southern Cameroonians are confident that the treacherous stance of the UN will not impact the resistance of the Ambazonia people and the Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

By Isong Asu