Understanding the Fru Ndi-Balla-Munzu Bamenda meeting 0

A gang of Southern Cameroons figures facing threat to their political existence met in the Bamenda County to demand a cessation of French Cameroun government sanctioned arrests of people in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  Aside the arrests, the gang of five led by Ni John Fru Ndi asked the French Cameroun government to release Southern Cameroonians being held in connection with the uprising.

They called on the Francophone government to step up efforts to ensure return of people who fled the conflict, a general amnesty for those who are in exile and for an end to internet restriction imposed since late September. The undersigned political leaders and so-called leading members of the civil society met in Bamenda and claimed to brainstorm on the urgent need for frank, inclusive and comprehensive national dialogue on the ‘Anglophone crisis.’

A press release issued at the end of the meeting and dated November 26 read as follows: “The undersigned political leaders and leading members of civil society met in Bamenda today to brainstorm on the urgent need for frank, inclusive and comprehensive national dialogue on the ‘Anglophone crisis.’”

According to them, it is only dialogue that can serve as a ‘means of returning the Northwest and Southwest regions to normalcy’ and that it should be organized ‘without further delay.’

The Bamenda forum finally betrayed the unprecedented, but fledgling supply of huge financial resources by a cadre of President Biya agents in the political and diplomatic sectors of Southern Cameroons.  It is abundantly clear that Prof. Munzu and Dr. Barrister Agbor Balla initiated the meeting.

As pointed out sometime ago, Barrister Agbor Balla is still in his pre detention mind set.  The character of the Southern Cameroons conflict has shifted and Prof. Munzu, Fru Ndi, Balla et al needs time to understand that it has moved from lawyers and teachers strike to a popular revolt.

By arresting Barrister Agbor Balla in the course of dialogue, President Biya criminalized dialogue.  Balla was charged for terrorism for advocating dialogue.  The Bamenda forum means that Balla has still not understood the significance of his abduction, his eight months detention as well as that of hundreds of Southern Cameroonians, the annexation of the Southern Cameroons territory and the resolve of the people of Southern Cameroons to defend themselves.

Biya has made the country a large open air prison with poverty and unemployment as security guards. Southern Cameroons is a state of blood and constantly under pervasive climate of repression, fear, torture abduction, killings and forceful detentions. They have shut down the internet services and are committing war crimes inside Southern Cameroons territory. Yet, Fru Ndi, Munzu, Balla and Co still believes in the CPDM crime syndicate.

Apart from Fru Ndi, other signatories to the statement included Prof. Simon Munzu, Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, Prince Ekosso and Mrs. Ndi Christine.

By Soter Agbaw-Ebai, CCN