University of Buea lecturer kidnapped 0

The Department of Engineering and Technology of the University of Buea was yesterday visited by gunmen who disrupted the writing of exams in that department and kidnapped a lecturer who was invigilating the exam.

The gunmen, suspected to be amba boys, came with the intention of disrupting exams and they succeeded in doing that, a student at the Univetsity of Buea told the Cameroon Concord News correspondent in Buea.

Amba boys came in while we were writing our exams. This is unfortunate. How are they going run their country when they are against education,” the student said.

Amba boys have made life very hard for students in the two English-speaking regions of the country. In rural parts of the country, children are still denied access to education by these so-called fighters,” he added.

Meanwhile, the kidnapped lecturer has not been heard from and the University community is really concerned.

No group has taken responsibility for the reckless behavior but many observers are already concluding that the revolution has lost its way.

More will be yours as we get it.

By Stephen Mokake