US-African Leadership Summit: Ambazonia was there 0

Though not officially invited to the US-African Leaders Summit, Ambazonians made sure they too were heard during the summit and the message went far and wide.

They came in thousands and their noise was indeed deafening. They made sure the Biya regime was really embarrassed and embarrassed it was as Ambazonian demonstrators came with their public address systems to tell the world that Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya, was a devil with a human face.

For more than six years, Cameroon has been battling an insurgency in the country’s two English-speaking regions which is hard to overcome though the Yaoundé government has thrown everything it has at the insurgents.

More than ten thousand Cameroonians, including four thousand soldiers, have died because of the conflict in the country’s two English-speaking regions and the country’s economy is still reeling from the government generated chaos.

While preparing for the Summit in Washington DC, proponents of the anemic government in Yaoundé had spread propaganda that the country’s president was going to bring home some Southern Cameroonians arrested in the US for exporting weapons and death to Cameroon.

But America is not Nigeria. The law works in America and American presidents never interfere in legal matters.

Besides, America is not in the business of shipping its citizens abroad. Most Southern Cameroonians living in the US have American citizenship which makes it impossible for them to be repatriated to Cameroon.

If Mr. Biya achieved anything, it was his usual embarrassment of the country as he demonstrated during the Summit that he had overstayed his welcome at the helm of affairs.

In a video which has gone viral, Mr. Biya who had received a massive dose of steroid in Geneva, did not even know where he was and where he had to deliver his long and rambling speech.

He could be heard arguing in total confusion with the aide who informed him that he had already been introduced, adding that he could deliver his speech sitting but the confused Biya walked like a drunk to the podium where he delivered his long and boring speech.

Mr. Biya and his entourage did not even have the opportunity to talk to American officials about the three Southern Cameroonians arrested in America as they found out that talking about it was like flogging a dead horse.

Mr. Biya and his crowd of kleptocrats are expected to be back in Yaoundé before Monday to continue misleading a country which was once the envy of the continent.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai