US ambassador to Cameroon is leaving in the middle of the Anglophone Crisis 0

French Cameroun dictator, Paul BIYA has granted a farewell audience to the outgoing U.S. Ambassador – Michael Stephen Hoza. Both personalities met at the Unity Palace on Wednesday 6 September 2017.

Speaking to reporters after the audience, Ambassador Stephen Hoza emphasised that the U.S. will prolong its partnership with Cameroon – “a country with a bright future”.

Stephen Hoza noted that he was “proud to say that the United States and Cameroon broadened cooperation in numerous areas, such as in security, politics, economics, health, education, and the environment- issues that were never felt by the local population.

The U.S. Diplomat’s three-year stay in Cameroon significantly strengthened bilateral relations with CPDM sources claiming U.S. commercial investment rose from approximately US$300 million to over US$2 billion.

In his normal pro government pattern, Ambassador Stephen Hoza commended President Paul BIYA’s consolidation of peace and stability, which are keys to the attainment of an emerging economy. He also underlined the Head of State’s leadership in the fight against the Boko Haram terrorist group, piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, and his handling of the refugee crisis in the Central African Republic.

Culled from the Presidency of the Republic