US: Calls for impeachment grow after Mueller statement 0

Calls for impeachment of US President Donald Trump have grown among politicians in the United States in the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final statement at the conclusion of the so-called Russia probe.

Mueller “could not clear the president, nor could he charge him — so he has handed the matter to Congress, which alone can act to deliver due process and accountability,” said 2020 runner Pete Buttigieg Wednesday.

Another pro-impeachment Democrat, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, also reiterated her stance towards impeachment as some lawmakers were refusing to join the cause.

“American people deserve an open process to look at documents and hear from witnesses related to the Mueller investigation. So far, President Trump has stonewalled Congress. In doing so, he has left us with only one option: for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings,” she said.

Kamala Harris, a 2020 Democratic hopeful, also characterized Mueller’s statement as an impeachment referral.

“What Robert Mueller basically did was return an impeachment referral. Now it is up to Congress to hold this president accountable,” she said.

Elizabeth Warren directly used the term as well, stressing her calls for impeachment.

“Mueller’s statement makes clear what those who have read his report know: It is an impeachment referral, and it’s up to Congress to act. They should,” said the Massachusetts senator.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, supported impeachment proceedings, suggesting that the move is not a very peasant one.

Biden “agrees with Speaker Pelosi that no one would relish what would certainly be a divisive impeachment process, but that it may be unavoidable if this administration continues on its path,”  said a representative for the  former vice president.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, however, exercised some caution by refusing an outright endorsement of impeachment proceedings.

“If the House Judiciary Committee deems it necessary, I will support their decision,” said the 2020 hopeful.

House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi, who plays a key role in possible impeachment proceedings, also noted that the investigations would continue, voicing disappointment at Mueller’s statement.

“I am gravely disappointed in the Justice Department for their attitude, their misrepresentation of the Mueller report to begin with, their hiding behind something you could never find in the Constitution that the president is above the law and their misrepresentations even under oath by the attorney general to the Congress of the United States,” she said. “Nothing is off the table but we do but we do want to make is such a compelling case, such an iron-clad case, that even the Republican Senate, which at the time seems to be not an objective jury, will be convinced of the path that we have to take as a country.”

President Trump immediately reacted to Mueller’s remarks, announcing that the case against him has been closed.

“Nothing changes from the Mueller Report. There was insufficient evidence and therefore, in our Country, a person is innocent. The case is closed! Thank you,” tweeted the president.

Source: Presstv