US: Cameroonian dies after being hit by 2 cars on Thanksgiving Day 0

On Thursday, many of us celebrated Thanksgiving with our families. Serge Deumeni from Cameroon did not. 40-year-old Serge Deumeni was struck and killed in Adelphi, MD near New Hampshire and Metzerott Rd. Deumeni’s family is now pleading for a second driver to come forward as the family continues to search for answers in their loved one’s death.

Prince George’s County Police said Deumeni was hit by two cars trying to cross New Hampshire Ave and Metzerott Rd. at around 7:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

Deumeni’s twin brother told WUSA 9, he didn’t know what Serge was doing in the area, but he did say, they were expecting Deumeni later that night. The 40-year-old never showed. Deumeni’s brother said he got the phone call at around 2 a.m. the next day.

“He has an 18-year-old girl,” said Deumeni’s brother. “She still back in Cameroon, and she’s been crying, and she’s been telling me I’m lying. It’s not true, her father’s not dead.”

Deumeni came from Cameroon, a country in Central Africa, about a year-and-a-half ago. Deumeni’s twin described his brother saying, “He was a sweetheart, very funny guy. Hardworking guy.” A guy who took-on all kinds of tasks.

The immigrant activists group, CASA de Maryland, confirmed Deumeni was a part of their Day Laborer program. CASA’s Langley Park office is less than two miles from Thursday’s fatal collision. Police said Deumeni was found deceased in the roadway Thursday night.

He was struck by a car. That driver stopped. But while on the ground, police said he was hit again by a second car — a small sedan that didn’t stop.

Police are still investigating. It is unclear whether Deumeni was in the crosswalk at the time or when exactly he died. What we do know is: police are searching for that second driver and so is the victim’s family.

“Please, if somebody knows something, please, say something. Please. Say something,” said Deumeni’s brother.

The family is now preparing to fly Deumeni’s body back to Cameroon, where he will be buried. Prince George’s County Police said there is a chance that second driver did not know they hit a person. Police have not said yet whether the driver who did stop will face any charges.


Source: Wusa9