US: Campaign Grows to Release Hundreds of Cameroonian Asylum Seekers 0

Activists continue to demand the release of hundreds of Cameroonian asylum seekers in ICE custody. Sylvie Bello, founder of the Cameroonian American Council, spoke to Democracy Now ahead of her “Freedom Friday” campaign, a weekly day of action in solidarity with Cameroonians held in ICE prisons.

Sylvie Bello: “Freedom Friday was inspired by 40 Cameroonian hunger strikers who protested anti-Blackness, anti-Africanness and racism in Louisiana. Today, some of those Pine Prairie hunger strikers are set for deportation on Tuesday. Please join us in calling the Congressional Black Caucus to push for the release of these Cameroonians, for Cameroon TPS, and to lift Black immigrants, within the detention and outside of detention.”