USA: Southern Cameroons leader gets endorsements from Manyu title holders 0

During his recent visit to Houston, Texas USA, the Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council was received at the Houston airport by traditional leaders from Southern Cameroon based in Texas, including those from Manyu, Lebialem, Mezam and Momo counties. As a traditional leader himself, the Chairman felt very much at ease with other leaders who had come to receive him at the Houston airport.

The Ekpe group led by Sisikou Dr Mathias Egbe, had the spotlight by decorating Chairman Sisikou Julius Ayuk Tabe, who is one of their own, with symbols befitting his title. During an informal discussion with the Chairman, Mr. Thomas Tabenyang, a fervent activist and former SDF Provincial Chairman vehemently condemned the deployment of Epke to intimidate and harass the population of Manyu County.

Mr Tabenyang was referring to the recent desperate attempts by some Manyu elites, whom he refered to as creepy hypocrites, parasites and opportunists to use Ekpe to force schools to resume in Manyu County.

The scheme failed and Chief Tabetando and Minister Mengot, where put to shame when schools failed to resume September 4th 2017. The group in Houston not only endorsed the Chairman, but also pledged their support and unflinching loyalty to his leadership in the struggle for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons.

By Eveline Ncho, CCN USA