Vice President Yerima, Hon. Wirba come out for SCNC rally in London 0

London was decorated in the blue and white colours of Southern Cameroons. It was the Southern Cameroon National Council convention that held on Saturday the 29th of June 2019. The SCNC Convention in London moved from a very successful Conference earlier in East London to a fundraiser in the Northof town. The sense of pride on the faces of the organisers and attendees was valiant. The chairman of SCNC UK, Mr Robert Tamanji, gave a strong welcome talk honouring Pah Njoh Litumbe, Fon Gorji Dinka and Nfor Ngala Nfor. These greats of the SCNC will never be forgotten he said. For his part, Dabney Yerima, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia who is also moonlighting as the acting Secretary General of SCNC spoke of the SCNC’s role in Southern Cameroon’s quest for freedom and independence through peaceful nonviolence action.

Also at the London SCNC event, was the much respected Hon Wirba Joseph of the Social Democratic Front. Wirba recounted his first meeting with some great SCNC pioneers over thirty years ago. He called on Ambazonians to pay respect to the true and brave heroes of Africa’s newest nation who have shed and continue to shed their blood for the freedom of the homeland. Wirba tempered undue excitement and cautioned that for the Ambazonia struggle to succeed; its foundation has to be based on the truth. Wirba referred to La Republique du Cameroun as the Evil Republic and explained that the actions of La Republique in their brutality over the last three years has left Southern Cameroonians with no choice but to make sure that Ambazonia becomes a reality. He observed that, the statement from French Cameroun President Paul Biya and his gang that Cameroun is one and indivisible remains an inaccurate stereotype.

Joseph Wirba indicted the Southern Cameroons diaspora for the disconnect with Ground Zero. As his audience celebrated his words and energy, he moved another gear into re-counting a series of conversations he had with the disgraced chairman of the Imaginary Restoration Council, Elvis Kometa. “Elvis Kometa called me to say he was under pressure to impeach President Sissiku Ayuk Tabe” he revealed. “I counselled Kometa against the decision and I told him that if the pressure becomes unbearable, he should resign as chairman of this ‘Imaginary Restoration Council’.

Wirba castigated the diaspora for creating imaginary political offices and attaching importance to positions thereby disremembering the reasons for the struggle. He said, in a revolution ‘if the enemy takes a brother or a sister, that person becomes a Saint’. The SCNC delegates were unanimous in their decision that rallying behind the ‘Saints in Kondengui’ as the focal point of the revolution is the only way forward. Calls for Hon Wirba to play a more active role in piloting the revolution were loud and clear. His next move in this struggle is eagerly anticipated.

Asu Isong London