Villages in Cameroon’s Adamawa region deserted due to growing abduction cases 0

Leading figures in Cameroon like politicians and legal professionals have expressed their concerns over the increasing number of abduction cases in its mountainous Adamawa region. The region representative Theophile Baoro has expressed his concerns to the media persons at an emergency meeting.

“Adamawa is going through the worst moments in its history. We are worried. Abductions and paying ransom is now very common in the region. Villages have been deserted and the economy is crumbling,” Theophile Baoro opined.

In the year 2018, around 150 abduction cases have been noted as revealed by the local authorities. At least 500 million fcfa (about 900,000 US dollars) is estimated to have been paid as ransom, as reported by CGTN Africa. Whereas, three pastoralists were captured and assassinated by the kidnappers in December 2018.

“We are hoping that the population will work hand in hand with the security forces to end this nightmare,” Baoro said. “These are armed robbers looking for victims. They have been terrorizing the population for money. They mostly operate in villages and along the highway,” a local person told Xinhua.