War against Homosexuality: Barbie movie banned in Cameroon 0

The American film “Barbie” has been banned in Cameroon for its perversity and promotion of homosexuality, prohibited by the laws of the country.

According to Box Office Pro, an American motion picture industry magazine dedicated movie theatre business, the decision to ban the movie was orally taken by the Department of Cinematography and Audiovisual Productions of the Ministry of Arts and Culture (Minac) on Tuesday August 22, 2023 as it ordered that all cinema halls in the country to remove the movie from their programs.

This decision comes after the procedure to obtain an exploitation visa for the broadcast of the film, witnessed no opposition. The movie was watched and its broadcast approved some days before its official outing” Declares Box Pro Office on its website.

The decision comes just a week after the movie was broadcast at Canal Olympia, in Douala and Yaoundé, on Wednesday August 16, 2023.

In banning this movie, Cameroon joins countries like Liban, Kuwait and Algeria in fighting homosexuality. In June 2023, Cameroon banned the arrival of French Ambassador for LGBT rights Jean-Marc Berthon who wanted to promote LGBT activities in Cameroon. Recently, the National Communication Council through its President, Joseph Chebongkeng Kalabubsu warned promoters of TV channels and image distributors against the broadcast of films promoting homosexuality.

Source: Cameroon News Agency