War in Southern Cameroons likely to continue through at least mid-2024 0

Separatist activism is likely to continue in the Southwest and Northwest regions of Cameroon through at least mid-2024. An explosive device detonated in Bamenda, Northwest Region, on Dec. 25, without casualties reported. Previously, suspected Ambazonia secessionist militants raided a market in Bamenyam, West Region, a locality bordering the Norwest Region, on Nov. 21, killing at least nine residents and kidnapping an unspecified number. A similar attack in Mamfe, Southwest Region, left at least 20 civilians dead in early November.

The threat of violence remains elevated in the English-speaking regions as various armed groups continue to call for secession, highlighting the dangers for those operating or traveling in western Cameroon. The situation has remained tense since October 2017, when secessionists unilaterally proclaimed the independence of the so-called state of Ambazonia, which is unrecognized internationally. Human Rights Watch estimates that about 6000 civilians have died, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced due to armed forces and separatist-linked violence since late 2016.

Security-related operations are ongoing. Checkpoints and searches of vehicles and personnel are likely, particularly outside major cities such as Buea (Southwest) and Bamenda (Northwest). Authorities may enact temporary security measures such as curfews and telecommunication restrictions without notice in the event of significant violence or unrest.

Source: Crisis24.garda