War on Corruption: CPDM Section President for Ngie, Momo Division arrested in Bamenda 1

Ubango Helly, CPDM Section President for Ngie, near Bamenda has been arrested and charged for corruption.  The so-called chartered member of the ruling party was picked up on August 10, 2016 and he is currently being held at the premises of the Criminal Investigation Directorate (DPJ) Bamenda.

Ubnago Helly, Chairman and CEO of Relax UB Company, a transportation agency and who also owns a chain of small enterprises is involved in a vast network of corruption over the past fifteen years, which was recently dismantled by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

An acolyte of Minister Atanga Njie, Cameroon Concord News learned that elites, traditional leaders and Senators have been holding meetings with him at the DPJ Bamenda.  Our senior political correspondent in the North West region opined that the arrest will bring down many other CPDM heavyweights.

 Ubango Helly is accused of operating a network that allows certain state officials to receive up to 12 months of their salaries in advance, an act that is forbidden in Cameroon. The Ubango Helly crime syndicate takes only three days and civil servants are paid up to 50% of their salaries depending on the amount requested by the needy person. He has also been indicted for fraud in pensions, death, retirement and others public service schemes.

Correspondingly, Ubango Helly is not only the CPDM boss of Ngie in Momo Division but he is also the Secretary General of the Circle of Friends of President Biya. A teacher by profession, his salary was suspended by former North West Governor, Abakar Ahamat because he was never in the classroom to teach courses. Curiously, he received an early retirement on that same year.

He pretended to his followers that he was fighting corruption by posting messages such as this one on his face book page “CPDM Militants of the Momo West Section,Ngie construct a temporary bridge at Ngwokwong on the Acha-Andek road following the collapse of the permanent bridge. The contractor who won to construct the permanent bridge long abandoned the job, placing Ngie people at the risk of flooding waters”.

By Rita Akana