“We are witnessing massacres every day” Ambazonia VP tells AIT television 0

Many political commentators familiar with the Rwandan genocide are now shaken by the scale of killings as Cameroon government army guns seek out Southern Cameroons civilian targets in Mezam, Bui, Lebialem and Manyu County.

Exiled Southern Cameroons Vice President Dabney Yerima told AIT television network that many Ambazonian civilians including women and children have been killed by Cameroon government army soldiers after being lured to return to their villages.

The Federal Republic of Ambazonia has massacres on a daily basis,” Vice President Yerima told AIT Live, during an interview with the Nigerian media organization.

Dabney Yerima revealed that Biya regime forces have destroyed schools and health centers and are now targeting innocent civilians using French made AK47s.

Yerima noted that the Ambazonia Interim Government has been trying to make life livable in the rural areas of Southern Cameroons in dangerous of circumstances.

The Ambazonia VP hinted AIT that the French Cameroun regime never respected the ceasefire that was announced following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic by the UN Secretary General and has reportedly carried out more that 97 raids in Mezam, Menchum, Manyu, Kupe Muanenguba and Ndian.

Maybe Southern Cameroons was excluded from the international partial ceasefire” Yerima said.

By Isong Asu in London