“We have to end this tricky French media narrative of “Anglophone problem” 0


Let me recommend something for the upcoming Conclave: it is a difference between how our leadership has to look in the eyes of the international political world & media and what this leadership is doing inside with homeland defense & relief finances. To the outside world we have to look like peaceful, modern, educated, Christian people, who offer nothing but solutions for whole Cameroon and to the inside we have to be hammer hard against all enemies, collaborateurs and media lies. This war of survival against extinction and against Françafrique’s exploitation mafia which rules not only Cameroon, is both a propaganda war and a real self-defense war on the ground, and the latter needs a cover, a shill of international legitimacy.

And the crucial point to hit on is to name France directly as the big foul player in Africa and Syria and in the UN. Take the bull by its horns! You must not be afraid before France. Go to all media channels in the world and tell this: “France is responsible for a present Holocaust in Africa and it is France which corrupts the UN, the IMF and the Head Central Bank of all Central Banks in Switzerland. It is France foreign policy which produces millions of fugitives into Europe and creates African diaspora all over the world. It is an absolute shame that the UN, the IMF and European banks and corporations do still recognize illegitimate puppet dictators of France in Africa like Paul Biya as a president of a country.

It is a disgrace that France allows Biya and Cameroon to occupy, exploit and genocide one of the most peaceful, intelligent and Christian people in the world: the Ambazonian’s. Never heard of them, although they are millions? Because it is French foreign Intelligence which blocks all news from former (but actually still monetarily) French colonies to the non-French news media. To cover their many crimes.

It is time to clean up countries like France and Cameroon, Gabon, Kongo, CAR, Niger, Mali, … big time and to stop French speaking Europe to secretly sponsor Islamic terrorist groups which put half of Africa in misery just to “legitimize” France’s military presence in Africa! The outdated Françafrique has to be replaced by the compromise between the European MARSHALL PLAN WITH AFRICA and the African MARSHALL PLAN WITH EUROPE, which is proposed by many modern, progressive, democratic, educated African peoples like the wonderful Ambazonians. They want nothing else than living peacefully in their homeland and have normal economic and political and cultural relationship with all other peoples in the world, based on mutual respect and fair business contracts. And we all want to see the UN being decorrupted from French bribery.

The UN and the world media, together with governments in the world have to stop throwing victims and perpetrators in Africa into one and the same pot! Are the Stalins, Hitlers, Maos really the same ones as the victims in their gulags??? We all, 7 billion people in the world have to develop not only wind but a hurricane of pressure on all foul players in world politics who want to go into an era of colonization 2:0 in Africa, which will only bounce back horrifically into all of us. Let’s help the Ambazonians for example and many other suppressed and slaughtered people in Africa to be able to self-govern without the French octopus.”

So it is highly necessary that the Ambazonian leadership after conclave 4 is speaking with one tongue when it is about presenting a SOLUTION for whole Cameroon not only Ambazonia, which is that not only Ambazonia shall get a new modern, democratic constitution and government, but also French Cameroun will get that: a total clean-up of its system. We have to end this tricky French media narrative of “Anglophone probleme”! No, we are not a problem, we are the solution! And of course, all non-French powers have to help Ambazonia in reaching self-governance, especially Germany, where I do trigger the awareness- and action-campaign together with others against all neo-colonialists.

By Christoph Messner