We Want! We Go! Cameroon makes plans to extensively boost dairy industry 0

Cameroon is planning to inseminate over 270,000 cows to boost the dairy industry by 2027.

The Central African country is planning to enhance its dairy industry through the Husbandry Development Project (Prodel) funded by the World Bank via its livestock department of a large amount of to XAF60 billion.

The move is to avoid spending huge amounts to import animals with high genetic potential. It is also expected to enhance Cameroon’s cattle population and national milk production.

According to Prodel experts, this type of operation has been successfully carried out in countries such as Mali and Côte d’Ivoire, where artificial insemination of local cows has boosted production in the livestock sector.

In Cameroon, authorities hope to be able to reduce a milk production deficit estimated at about 170,000 tons, as reported by Business in Cameroon website.