What is going on in Southern Cameroons is a massive, state-sponsored genocide 0

The genocide being committed against Southern Cameroonians has been described by religious leaders as a systematic policy but the international community has remained silent on the plight of the persecuted Anglophone minority. It is a deliberately created crisis to force Southern Cameroonians to flee from their homeland and its implementation involves all structures of the so-called democratic government of President Paul Biya, the Cameroon armed forces and the extremist French Cameroun political elites.

The ongoing crackdown against Anglophones in Manyu Division is another ethnic cleansing campaign, targeting a whole group of people, who are even being denied of their right to participate in any political process in Cameroon. The President Biya scorch-the-earth policy is succeeding as thousands and thousands of Southern Cameroonians are being driven out of their homes due to the butchering of innocent people.

The sufferings of the Manyu population who have managed to flee to neighboring Nigeria is nothing in comparison to those who have been left behind, who are unable to move [since] they’re too old or don’t have the finances to foot the transportation bills.

The United Nations, African Union and the European Union including Ecowas and the Commonwealth are all dragging their feet while people are dying in large numbers in Mamfe, Akwaya and Eyumojock Sub Divisions. Yet another Rwanda in the making

A Roman Catholic Bishop has been quoted as saying that what is going on in Southern Cameroons is a massive, state-sponsored genocide. The President Buhari administration in the Federal Republic of Nigeria has denied protecting Southern Cameroonians at the borders in Ikom and Obudu and the Nigerian government has also denied Southern Cameroonians the right of defending themselves…

It is evidently clear that the Commonwealth have received standing instructions from Paris that everyone should wait for the Biya regime to finish up the job and completely, ethnically cleanse and commit the genocide and finish it in Southern Cameroons.

The Cameroonian army recently launched yet another heavy-handed crackdown against Southern Cameroonians in Kembong village, using an armed attack on a military posts as the pretext.

Over that past one year, Cameroon government troops, apart from raping, have been committing killings, making arbitrary arrests, and carrying out mass arson attacks to destroy houses in predominantly-Anglophone villages in West Cameroon

More than 30,000 Southern Cameroonians have so far fled to neighboring Nigeria.

Source: Cameroon Intelligence Report