What Vice President Yerima is saying about the abduction and murder of Tangem Thomas 0


Fellow Ambazonians,

I come to you today as our nation mourns the loss of another citizen as a result of the barbarism of the French Cameroon regime. On Monday 2 August 2020, our legal representatives briefed the Interim Government of Ambazonia with photographic evidence that a Southern Cameroons Prisoner of Conscience, Mr Tangem Thomas, was shackled to his bed at the Central hospital in Yaoundé. His physical condition was deteriorating and it presented a grave concern for the Interim Government.

I want to make public that earlier today, Mr Tangem sadly succumbed to his injuries at the Yaoundé Central Hospitaland passed on to glory. The Interim Government can confirm explicitly that he died from torture related injuries and trauma.

Mr Tangem Thomas was a holy man with sound mechanical engineering background and expertise. He was abducted by La Republique du Cameroun forces in 2017 and detained incommunicado at the torture chamber of SED Yaoundé until a few weeks ago when his wellbeing had deteriorated wretchedly. He was never charged for any crime and died for being an Ambazonian.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his immediate family at this very testing time.

The barbarism unleashed by La Republique du Cameroun upon our citizens is shocking and incontestable but our quest for justice and freedom will remain unquenchable. We must keep our eyes on the prize of freedom. No dosage of incivility and viciousness will stop us now. As a nation, our promise to Mr Tangem Thomas must be to never give up in our quest for freedom and justice.

As a nation, we would be presenting the facts of this tragedy to our international partners and organisations over the next few hours. 

Thank You

Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia