What went wrong between Pogba and Cameroonian super model? 0

Neighbours have protested against the torrid sexual antics of French football star Paul Pogba and his Cameroonian girlfriend popularly known as Dencia. The sexual activities of the French international and Dencia whose real name is Reprudencia Sonkey, dubbed the African Lady Gaga, as reported by Yahoo ignited so much under-the-table talk around their neighbourhood.

According to Yahoo, the neighbours of the lovers have recently spent sleepless nights because of the erotic noise produced by Lady Dencia during love making. “Between 3am and 4am, there were groans and grunts that could be confused with something else. They do not seem to worry about who could hear. It lasted for eternity. It looked like a porn movie. Repeatedly we heard groans such as “Paul, Baby”, it was very embarrassing. It was impossible not to hear it because it was very loud” revealed a neighbour quoted in the Yahoo report.

By Chi Prudence Asong