Who will be Cameroon Concord News Man of the Year 2017? 0

Our intention as a news organisation is not to alarm you, but the 2017 calendar year has already passed us by. Where did the time go? As you all are very much aware, plenty has happened: The 2016-17 political season is virtually coming to a close with no solution to the Southern Cameroons crisis.  Bishop Balla of the Diocese of Bafia was killed and President Biya addressed an empty hall at the UN. Already, the Southern Cameroons Governing Council has mandated interim Head of State, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe to form a government. Cat calls have greeted the killings of hundreds of Southern Cameroons protesters on October 1 2017 and Barrister Agbor Balla and the people of Ambazonia are no longer an item. Interestingly, radio host Bibixy Mancho including hundreds of other Southern Cameroons detainees are still being held in French Cameroun detention centres.

With all that in mind, it felt like a good opportunity to revisit our Cameroon Concord News Man of the Year Award.  Our readers have always nominated and voted for men and women with exceptional qualities. Name them: Former Nigerian Head of State, Goodluck Jonathan, Bishop Francis Lysinge of the Mamfe Diocese and African football legend, Samuel Eto’o.

We’ve ranked some of the best political actors of the year so far including Mark Bara and Tampang Ivo.  Is Sisiku Ayuk Tabe in line to win the Cameroon Concord News Man of the Year Award, or has Bibixy Mancho stolen a march on him? The brutal murder of Bishop Balla indicates that CPDM actors are still the dominant force, or have the SDF and the outlawed Consortium performances broken the glass ceiling?

Another tendency of the Cameroon Concord News Man of the Year Award is to largely ignore Ambazonians and French Camerounians in the Diaspora.

Let your voice be heard!! Send us your nomination for the Cameroon Concord News Man of the Year 2017!! Be part of the history making process!!

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By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai