Why La Republique du Cameroun lost a war of choice it should never have declared 0

The struggle for freedom and independence of the Southern Cameroons is in the soul of every Southern Cameroonian born and unborn.  It is a struggle which has been going on for the last fifty-six years.  The genocide of armless Southern Cameroonians from all hooks and corners of the Southern Cameroons on October 1, 2017 has eternalized this spirit of freedom which has been elusive for these fifty-six years.  The flame of freedom and independence which was lit by the blood of Southern Cameroons martyrs shall never ever be extinguished.  Those who believe that this flame of freedom will be drown by the genocide and senseless bloodletting of innocent Southern Cameroonians may very well dream on. 
The ferocity and intensity with which La Republique du Cameroun is executing its preplanned genocide against armless Southern Cameroonians has shocked the conscience of humanity with Catholic Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda pointedly calling it a genocide. The world must promptly take strong measures to halt this genocide before the pledge the civilized world made in the aftermath of the holocaust in 1945 is once more turned into an empty slogan in the African continent.

The deployment of the military equipped with international support to fight the Boko Haram terrorists to prosecute a genocidal campaign in the Southern Cameroons characterizing its citizens as terrorists calls for a strong international response.  The deployment of helicopter gunboats and other weapons of mass destruction to kill and maim armless civilians cannot be justified under all circumstances.  Also, the criminal characterization of armless Southern Cameroonians civilians as terrorists and waging a military campaign to exterminate them in whole or in part based on their cultural identity must invite a strong international response. Extending the definition of the enemy during an ongoing military campaign in North Cameroon sponsored by the international community and supported by the United States of America to include civilians far from the defined war front exercising their right to external self-determination grounded in international law, is a violation of international law requiring an international investigation and prosecution. 
Despite the ongoing bloodletting, and its heavy toll, the valiant and freedom seeking people of the Southern Cameroons have scored a stunning victory over its blood sucking aggressor.  Millions of Southern Cameroonians at home and abroad by words, actions and the ultimate supreme sacrifice of its martyrs sent an undiluted message to La Republique du Cameroun and the international community. The reassertion of the independence it obtained from the United Nations on October 1, 1961 on October 2017, carries significant symbolic weight. 
The cowardly undeclared war of unprovoked aggression against armless civilians with profound regret, claimed precious lives but it did not deter the revolutionary soul of freedom and independence must was hence eternalized.   Through this cowardly campaign, La Republique du Cameroun legitimized the methods deployed by Boko Haram which similarly targets armless civilians for mass killing, abductions, torture, mass destruction of property, looting and torching of civilian settlements.
The decapitated corpses and mass graves littering most of Southern Cameroons settlements in the Northern and Southern Zones of the territory could readily be mistaken for any territory that was a victim of Boko Haram attack.  It can therefore be rightly said that a supposed partner in the war against Boko Haram is poking the nose of the international community by deploying Boko Haram tactics in the prosecution of a genocide against armless civilians in the Southern Cameroons. This is unacceptable and nothing short of an energetic response from the international community will stop the dangerous transformation of the army of a supposed state party to the war against Boko Haram into a prototype of Boko Haram in all but name.
The genocidal campaign in the Southern Cameroons must indeed have had Boko Haram smiling and feeling justified in its terrorist targeting of civilians to attain its terrorist religious/ideological objectives. In this situation, in respect of the military campaign of La Republique du Cameroun in the Southern Cameroons, does it have any legal or moral authority to remain a partner of civilized countries in the war against Boko Haram?  The answer is clearly in the negative.
The international community must no longer address an ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in diplomatic terms. The perpetrators of the crimes are well known. Apart from Paul Biya who bears ultimate responsibility, the entire criminal architecture of the preplanned genocide is visible even to the jaundiced eye.  They have proved themselves and even boast about it.  When the military expedition was ongoing, Cavaye Djibril, Nyat Njipendji, Laurent Esso the Minister of Justice and Fame Ndongo minister of higher education mobilized militants of the CPDM and party militias in the major cities of Yaounde, Douala, Ebolowa and Bafoussam to celebrate the genocidal expedition.   The mere presence in the hateful celebration of the genocidal campaign in Yaounde of some Southern Cameroonians genocide apologists like Tabetando, Nfon Mukete, Achidi Achu and others exposed to the public glare their role in encouraging and facilitating the genocide of their own people.
Cameroon Tribune, CRTV and supposed independent television networks and Newspapers belonging to the CPDM tribal or power cabal, characterized Southern Cameroonians as terrorists who must be exterminated. One Owona Nguini and one Obama of Television 4, among many excelled in the forceful propagation of this campaign of genocide. Issa Tchiroma the Minister of Communication and Government Spokesman consistently incited and encouraged the massacre of Southern Cameroonians and justified all criminal acts committed against them on the discriminatory and distinguishing characteristics of Southern Cameroons identity.
Apart from the Governors of the North West and the South West and all the Divisional Officers within the occupied territory, the Minister of Defense, the Secretary of State for the National Gendarmerie, the Delegate General for National Security, the High Command of the Cameroon Army and the close circuit of influential mystical fraternity surrounding the Head of State are culpable of these crimes. They are known for perpetrating many unimagined systemic and widespread crimes of an international nature within their own territory against its captive citizens.  Therefore, an urgent need to dislodge this cabal of high profile criminals from governance before it sets the entire sub region of the Gulf of Guinea and the Central Africa sub region on an inextinguishable conflagration.
Cameroon Concord News calls on the United Nations, the Security Council, to invoke its Responsibility to Protect Mandate under Chapter VII of the UN Charter to intervene and abate the ongoing genocide of Southern Cameroonians.  The Southern Cameroons by not taking up arms in self-defense so far has demonstrated its preference for the respect of the peaceful resolution of disputes advocated by the international community. By failing to intervene and abate the genocide against its people, the international community is in a way informing the Southern Cameroons and the world at large that the Southern Cameroons is on its own and must find ways to protect and defend its territory and its people.
The Southern Cameroonians have assessed the capacity of La Republique du Cameroon to fight and win a war in its territory to be paltry. Indeed, the next expedition if it occurs may well make the territory of the Southern Cameroons a graveyard for the genocidal forces of La Republique du Cameroun.  Lest La Republique forgets the lessons of history.  Kuva Likenye of Buea, the historic battle of Nsanakang in Manyu, the Fontem nine-year campaign against the Germans, the heroic warriors of Nso and many historic wars portraying the military prowess of our  Southern Cameroons ancestors  is evidence that we will never ever be intimidated by the abusive deployment of cowardly soldiers who humiliated by Boko Haram are redeployed and empowered to sneak into the homes of armless civilians to rape  girls, women, assassinate grandmothers, shoot at babies, abduct and kidnap the youth, the elderly and the vulnerable, loot, steal, extort and torch civilian property and settlements .
In recent times, over these fifty-six years, Babatoura Ahidjo, Jean Forchive and La Republique’s repressive machinery tried these same tactics but that did not stop October 1, 2017 from occurring. The clear message is that no weapon used by the oppressor and cowardly murderers of grandmothers, children, women and young men at the heart of night in their sleep will deter the train of freedom from moving on.  The blood of our martyrs will water the tree of freedom and we shall be free at last and forever.  That blood and the wounds of the maimed are the staying power of this Southern Cameroons revolution. Let La Republique forget. You have deployed your tools and exposed those driving your genocide agenda, the capability of the Southern Cameroons to defend its sovereign will to be live as a people in a free and civilized world is still a mystery to you? Reason why you must be very worried and rethink your option of war of choice as a means of imposing a union which you irredeemably destroyed through the ongoing genocide.
By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai
Cameroon Concord News Group