Wilfred Tassang says victory is at the corner, Garga Haman cannot stop Ghost Town Operation 1

Tassang Wilfred is one of the leaders of the largest teachers’ trade union in Cameroon. In a short post released to the public, he has asked West Cameroonians to believe in God, remain steadfast for victory is at the corner.  “..Now it is written in the Book of (Exodus) that when the Lord wanted to show His power, glory and destroy Pharaoh, He told Moses “but I will harden his heart so that he will not let my people go.”

Our people in their time-tested wisdom also say, “He the gods want to destroy, they, first of all, make mad”. The Word of God quoted above, and the wisdom of our people referred to above explain succinctly what is happening to Yaoundé. Yaoundé’s resorting to forgery, lies and unprofessional blackmail, the Head of State sending an old and frail Garga Haman to come and bring us to reason is indicative of Yaoundé’s desperation.

The blood of the Lamb is already written on every West Cameroon door post. This is the reason why everyone has received the spirit to discern fake and fraud, forgery and lies. These are signs that don’t lie. A little more determination and Yaoundé’s back will be on the floor. And we shall, like we did in Njindom village during my primary school days, pin Yaoundé to the ground and feed him fists full of dust, apply the same all over him so that when Yaoundé gets up, there will be no lying what happened. The Captain of the hosts of heaven Himself is on the battle field. Just “be still” and know that He is God…”

Praise God.

Deacon Tassang Wilfred