Will 6,000 more Ambazonians die to show that Biya can no longer rule over Southern Cameroons? 0

It is evidently clear that regional and international leaders are not involved in the crisis in Southern Cameroons and the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations have proven to be either terribly insensitive or outright psychopaths. To be accurate, the international community clearly doesn’t care how their policies harm ordinary Southern Cameroonians.

The international community’s choice was clear from the outset: kick out Biya to save the so-called one and indivisible Cameroun, or sacrifice the Republic of Cameroon to save Biya. The ruling CPDM party embraced the latter to preserve itself and more than 4,000 Southern Cameroonians have died in the on-going process. No regrets from Yaoundé and pro Biya Southern Cameroons criminals such as Atanga Nji, Peter Mafany Musonge, Victor Mengot, Paul Tasong and Dion Ngute.

When the French Cameroun army failed to crush the Ambazonian Self-Defense Forces, the Southern Cameroons Interim Government and the Southern Cameroons diaspora stepped in to protect the territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, and in the process another 2,000 or more were killed. Again, no worry! no sorry! None!

As that effort also failed following the arrest and forced extradition of the Southern Cameroons leader and his top aides from Abuja to Yaoundé and the election of disgraced Dr Ikome Sako at the head of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government, the jailed leadership stepped in again stating that the complete independence for Southern Cameroons is the only way forward.

So, will 6,000 more Southern Cameroonians die to show that the 86 years old President Biya can no longer rule over Southern Cameroons?

Ever since the United Nations Security Council decided to back off from the threat to hit the Biya regime with sanctions following its refusal to engage in meaningful dialogue, the West has argued, rather poorly, that it was in the best interest for La Republique du Cameroun to manage the deteriorating situation in Southern Cameroons and that outside involvement was no remedy for the war.

Correspondingly, instead of putting the UN and the Commonwealth’s weight behind a political solution, UN and the Commonwealth including the African Union chief diplomats have all chosen to start a long-term campaign of receiving gifts of gold from President Biya. In the process, the Southern Cameroons crisis has become an alibi for international civil servants and diplomats to interfere in La Republique Du Cameroun as long as they steered away from the Biya regime.

Thanks to the US ambassador to Cameroon, the regime in Yaoundé failed to paint the Southern Cameroons crisis as a new landscape for a renewed so-called war on terror. As we write, no one is coordinating any action to pave the way for a political solution in Southern Cameroons.

By Asu Isong in London