Will Donald Trump serve entire term as president? 0

Just a quarter of the US population is sure President Donald Trump will manage to stay in the White House by the end of his term, a new poll shows. Conducted by USA Today and iMediaEthics, the poll found that 27 percent of the people believe he “definitely will complete” the four-year term as the president of the United State.

The percentage includes 1 in 10 Republicans, among those who took part in the online poll. Another 30 percent also think that he “probably will,” while 23 percent of the adults maintain that he“probably won’t” finish his term. Thirteen percent believe that he “definitely won’t” manage.

The majority of those polled, 51 percent, said they were dissatisfied with the president while 44 percent approved of his performance. The poll showed that the nation is equally divided on whether Trump should be impeached with 42 percent on each side of the dispute. An investigation has been launched to find out whether the Russian government coordinated with Trump’s associates during the 2016 campaign and transition.

Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman has formally introduced an article of impeachment against Trump, accusing him of obstructing justice during the federal investigation of Russia’s role in 2016 election. A majority vote in the US House of Representatives, currently controlled by Republicans, is required to impeach a president, which means the measure is unlikely for now.

Source: Presstv