With Cameroon mired in turmoil, Nature partitioning the Country 0

Nature has once again added its voice in the political turmoil in Cameroon, and once again the partitioning of the country into Southern Cameroons and French Cameroon is becoming evident. The partition trope resurfaces periodically, most often while the one and indivisible Cameroon looks “too hard to fix.”

The N 63 road at the level of Bamendjou in the western region linking French Cameroun and the Bamenda County is impassable since Saturday. According to officials from the Western Regional Public Works Delegation, the traffic disruption on this part of the road was caused by a landslide over an 80-meter range at one of the sections, a drop of nearly three meters.

The Southern Cameroons Governing Council and many other advocates of partition suggest that Cameroon is a false construct of British and French colonisation and that Franco-phones and Anglophones are incapable of sustaining a heterogeneous state.

Southern Cameroonians who want to divide the country owe the African Union, the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the rest of the world extensive, detailed clarification. Surely, any plan to drastically restructure Cameroon must be more thoughtful and detailed.

By Chi Prudence Asong
Cameroon Concord News