World Refugee Day: Vice President Yerima’s message of hope and Ambazonia uncertainties 0

Interim Government Statement on World Refugee Day

Fellow Ambazonians,

Today, we join the rest of mankind to celebrate World Refugee Day. A day like this reminds us of the conditions that triggered many of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children to flee our homeland to find peace and safety in Ghana, Nigeria and elsewhere. It reminds us of their painful journey to safety. It reminds us that many who embarked on such a journey didn’t make it.

You fled because of Paul Biya’s genocide war on the people of Southern Cameroon. His war has resulted in the rape of our women, the killing of our children, parents and grandparents. His war has led to the destruction of your livelihood. His war has resulted to the complete burning down of over 400 of our villages. All of you fled to seek safety and security.

You might have lost businesses, homes, property and everything that gives meaning to your existence but I want to assure you, it’s not all over. I want to assure you today that the Interim Government of Ambazonia under Sisiku Ayuk Tabe stands with you. We will stand by you until justice, freedom and independence is served in Ambazonia.

Many of the great leaders and most successful people in history were refugees. We have heard stories of many who left refugee camps and became doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs. So, your present status doesn’t make you a lesser human being. It gives you another opportunity to make the best of you through reflection.

Consider your current suffering as a challenge to contribute in making our world a better place. That should be your goal as we seek peace, justice and equality for all. In order to make our world a better place, let’s seek to be agents of change and build societies that will judge humans by the contents of their character. As you celebrate this day, remember that Ambazonia stands with you. Be of good character everywhere you are and make good use of the opportunities you have.

Our collective Vision, Dream and Goal are Buea and we will get there.

God bless you. God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Thank You

Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia