Yaounde accuses European Union of interference in its domestic affairs, expresses “indignation” 0

Cameroon’s Minister of Communication Emmanuel Rene Sadi has expressed “indignation” over what he described as the European Union’s interference in Cameroon’s internal affairs.

“Cameroonian internal issues can and should be resolved in Cameroon, by Cameroonians themselves, and the leaders they have freely chosen,” Sadi told a late-night press conference on Monday.

“In any case, the Cameroonian people can never be fooled, and stands ready to say no to subjugation,” he said.

The minister was reacting to a European Union (EU) Parliament resolution that expressed concerns over “high degree of instability” and alleged crackdown on “peaceful demonstrators” in Cameroon.

The EU statement was full of “untruths,” Sadi said.

“The Cameroonian Government is radically opposed to this European Parliament Resolution, and expresses its indignation at an act marked by bias, which is akin to a string of untruths, gratuitous affirmations, ungrounded recriminations, and injunctions accompanied by blackmail, directed against the Cameroonian authorities and our Defense and Security Forces,” he minister said.

Cameroon is a sovereign state with rule of law and respect of human rights, he said.

“As a result, it is up to the Cameroonian people, and the people alone, responsible for providing itself with the institutions of its choice and the laws that govern the life of the nation, just as it is up to the people to choose the person to preside over the destiny of the Cameroonian nation,” Sadi said.

The government does not oppose public protests so long as they are not a threat to public order and peace he said, adding that “appropriate measures” are being taken by the government to resolve the conflict in the Anglophone regions.