Yaoundé: Biya is very acutely ill 0

A well-placed source with strong ties to President Biya’s personal physician has hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report that the head of state is very acutely ill. The 89-year-old President is nearing his end in the Etoudi Palace.

Biya has been a healthy head of state who always kept away from his office. But all changed two years ago when he was hospitalized with an infection in Geneva. What is remarkable about the Biya current health situation is how little the presidency of the republic is revealing about the illness to the Cameroonian people.

The president’s men are busy on state radio and television propagating matters concerning the war against Boko Haram, the Southern Cameroons crisis and the deteriorating security situation in the East region. But underneath all these maneuvers is a vicious succession battle.

In a secret meeting held recently in Mvomeka’a, Biya’s political inner circle agreed to support the appointment of a Vice President. Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that during the meeting Biya experienced a nervous chill and sent for his doctor.

Lately, Biya has been receiving pills and having a lot of blood taken for examination with a feeling of fatigue and general malaise.

Our source added that the head of state had a sore throat radiating abdominal pain, and also a burning feeling during urination.

Biya is feeling extremely nervous as his ancestors are calling” our informant noted adding that “Biya’s pain relieves him when sitting and it increases when he is lying down. His face is now very flushed and he appears extremely shaky and nervous.”

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with Intel files