Yaounde: Canada to improve relations with French Cameroun 0

Canada is committed to strengthening bilateral relations in all domains with La Republique du Cameroun especially at the level of the economy. This was highlighted at a press conference on the 31st of July 2017 in Yaoundé. The Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroun, Rene Cremose and the Africa Vice President of Afrique Expansion, Beatrice Bediang invited French Cameroun businessmen to be part of the Afrique Expansion Forum, a Canadian networking platform for investment in Africa.

The forum that sits every two years is in its 8th edition and will feature great names from the international and national business communities and has been slated for the 2nd to the 3rd October 2017 in Montreal – Canada. The Canadian High Commissioner and his team explained that the event will serve in revealing La Republique’s potential while showcasing the French Cameroun’s potentials.

For his part, Afrique Expansion’s Investment Adviser, Georges Meka Abessolo explained that the forum will focus on 19 sectors of the economy including agriculture, mining, transport, ICTs, infrastructure, energy and insurance. The Afrique Expansion representative also revealed that this year’s event will be exceptional as it will examine the digital economy which is one area, the Biya Francophone regime is interested in.

Bilateral relations between French Cameroun and Canada is limited only to Canadian business interest in the small Sub Saharan country especially as Canada is involved in projects like the renovation and expansion of the Douala Japoma Stadium and its annex as well as other sports facilities in the country.

Source: CRTV