Yaoundé failed to achieve goals in Southern Cameroons war: Amba official 0

The Ambazonia Interim Government says Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces and its ground zero commanders are in good condition and are preparing a major onslaught against troops of the Francophone dominated military.

The Vice President of the Interim Government Dabney Yerima in a press statement released on Monday stressed that the occupying French Cameroun regime has for the past seven years been unable to achieve any of its goals.

Vice President Yerima said a huge number of fighters and leaders of the Southern Cameroons Self Defense Force have been martyred in the war to defend the Ambazonian homeland but the people of Southern Cameroons will resist till the last man standing.

The French Cameroun enemy has been unable to achieve any of its goals and despite slaughtering thousands of innocent Southern Cameroonians, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is still standing tall and its citizens far better off than those in La Republique du Cameroun” he added.

The senior Southern Cameroons official further expressed hope that the war in Ground Zero would not prolong, emphasizing that Southern Cameroonians should prepare themselves for a long-term war after Biya.

Dabney Yerima went on to say in the statement that although the humanitarian situation in Southern Cameroons is painful, it cannot hinder the resistance from continuing.

 “After the war of liberation, the governance of Southern Cameroons will not reflect the interests of France and the French Cameroun enemy anymore,” Yerima concluded.

By Toto Roland Motuba