Yaoundé is accountable for sexual exploitation of Anglophone girls in Nigeria 0

Cameroon Concord News Group holds President Biya and his ruling Beti Ewondo political elites accountable for the unfolding sexual exploitation and harassment of Southern Cameroons girls in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hundreds of young Southern Cameroons girls lured also to East Cameroun territory have been subjected to sexual abuse and they and many young teenage boys suffer a contemporary form of slavery.

Our cream of reporters both in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Cameroon have hinted of deeply upsetting testimonies. Our correspondent in Abuja, Engelis Okesack Besong who contributed to this report said several Southern Cameroons girls’ have been accosted and raped in Nigeria.

Engelis Okesack Besong went on to point to the high number of Southern Cameroons women raped in Nigeria, stating that the Biya Francophone regime should be held accountable for the adverse consequences and deterioration of conditions in Southern Cameroons.

By Chi Prudence Asong