Yaounde: Leader of a gang of fraudsters arrested 0

A suspected leader of a gang of fraudsters is presently in police custody in Yaounde. Reports say Tchienou Gideon, 43, is alleged to be specialised in the production and distribution of fake documents notably birth certificates, administrative and municipal documents. According to the reports, Gideon was caught on June 17, 2016 by the elements of the Central Police Station No 1 for the city of Yaounde at the Yaounde administrative area. The officers were acting on the instructions of the Delegate General for National Security.

The police officers found in his possession huge quantities of stamped and signed birth certificates awaiting information to be filled and several others. Two other accomplices, Bedima Basile and Ekoule Mbenda, suspected to have links with this crime world have also been arrested. Even though they have spent days in police cells they still claim to be innocent. However, investigations are on going to see whether they are guilty of the same offence.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Handy Likound said administrative authorities have been complaining that their signatures are being misused.  He said Gideon was arrested while carrying out his act through thorough investigations by the police. He said those who produce fake documents are punishable by the law and even those who keep the documents. He called on the public to be vigilant while certifying documents.


Cameroon Tribune