Yaoundé: Media owners plead for an increase in state support from XAF2 to 3 bln 0

In the framework of the 30th celebration of the law of December 19, 1990, on social communication, Repac (a media owners’ association) recently addressed a memorandum to Paul Biya, president of the Republic of Cameroon.

In its memorandum aimed at making media companies sustainable, Repac mainly asked state subsidies to be increased to XAF2 billion or XAF3 billion yearly. 

Indeed, up to early this year, that subsidy ranged between XAF150 million and XAF300 million every year (The last support granted was XAF240 million.

Previously named “aide publique à la communication privée au Cameroun” (public support for private communication in Cameroon), it was distributed to media companies and trade associations. However, in April 2020, its name changed to “appui institutionnel de l’État à la presse à capitaux privés” (State institutional support to private media). The beneficiaries also changed; they now include companies that publish offline and online magazines regularly.

Source: Business in Cameroon