Yaoundé: Medical association leaders urge Biya regime to introduce COVID-19 vaccination 0

It is imperative for Cameroon to introduce vaccination against COVID-19 pandemic in a bid to protect vulnerable groups and curb the spread of the disease in the Central African nation, leaders of the country’s two prominent medical associations said Tuesday.

Franck Dange Nana, president of National Council of Pharmacists, and Guy Sandjon, president of National Order of Medical Doctors, made the appeal during a meeting with Cameroon’s Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute.

“We need the government to protect the population. To protect this population, we need vaccine. Vaccination has side effects like all medicines but we know that with vaccination against COVID-19, we will contain the disease in our country. We need to join all the countries in the world to vaccinate our people,” Nana told reporters after the meeting in the capital, Yaounde.

“As a medical professional I can assure you that the vaccine is safe. We need to introduce vaccination to safeguard our people,” Sandjon added.

In March, while saying that COVID-19 vaccines will soon arrive in the country, Ngute stressed that vaccination will not be mandatory.

Source: Xinhuanet