Yaoundé: National Assembly Speaker heads to France to die 0

Cavaye Yegue Djibril, Cameroon’s Speaker of the National Assembly, heads to France for treatment for multiple organ failure.

The speaker’s health is failing very fast and there is no hospital in Cameroon which can help the man who has helped to reduce the country to a living hell for many in Cameroon.

The government he has served for almost 60 years has not built any world-class hospital in Cameroon in decades and their recklessness is now catching up with them.

Like the Senate President, the House Speaker’s health is a major issue and many attribute it to years of alcohol and cigarette abuse.

It has been reported that Cavaye drinks dry gin in his office and he drinks directly from the bottle as if he is drinking water.

Sources close to the Speaker say he has respiratory track problems, diabetes and his heart is also threatening to fail if the old and desperate speaker does not change his ways.

Family members who are already tired of Cavaye’s social chaos and chronic alcoholism say he is a colony of diseases which may yield to the cold and waiting hands of death if something is not done and fast too.

More will be yours as our correspondence in Paris monitors the situation.

By Rita Akana in Yaoundé